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01 September 2007

Kyle Schmid - Odyssey Gallery

Kyle Schmid was in Odyssey 5, playing Zack Ambrose in episode 1x16, "Vanishing Point" and 1x17, "Follow the Leader".
Dare I say ... not one of his most challenging roles?

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Actually, Zack Ambrose was also seen in 1x15, "Begotten", but he was played by another actor who wasn't listed in the credits - that's him in the first picture.
I guess Kyle has a better agent.
And better sideburns.

I haven't seen all the episodes, but I gather from words spoken in an episode, that Zack was put into a coma by a "Synthetic". Why one of the leads, Dr. Kurt Mendell, visits him in the hospital I have no idea.
If Zack Ambrose ever wakes up from the coma, I also have no idea - maybe he would have if there had been a second season.

I added a picture of Christopher Gorham just for variation - and besides, he was also in the episode. And he moved and had lines.
By a funny coincidence, he's also currently playing a "Henry" - on "Ugly Betty".

Kurt: I believe country music to be America's most unfortunate invention.

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