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02 December 2009

Kyle Schmid interview from 2000

Very, VERY short ...

Kyle Schmid in Alley Cats Strike! from around the same time This interview is from .. well, 2000, and I have no idea who "VV" is -
I found it on a long-gone website.

VV: Tell us your name, character and a little about yourself?
KS: I'm Kyle Schmid. I play one of the regulars on the series
["I was a sixth Grade Alien"].
My character is Jordan Lynch, the big bully of the school.

VV: You obviously don't like aliens?
KS: Not in the script I don't, but Ryan who plays Pleskit [an alien], he's a great guy, he is really very cool.

VV: What have you done besides this show?
KS: I was the lead in the Disney film "Alley Cats Strike". It's really cool, been on the family channel the last couple of weeks.

VV: What do you do outside of this?
KS: I play sports. I play soccer for the Erin Mills Eagles. In the next two weeks we are going to Scotland to represent Canada; which is very exciting. We play in one of the highest divisions in Ontario.

VV: What do you do around the set?
KS: School, school, its one of the most important things here. School is out for the summer, so we just hang out. We are all friends.

VV: How old are you?
KS: I'm 15, be 16 in August (2000)

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