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17 January 2010

Kyle Schmid RingCon Gallery and Report

Kyle Schmid was at the RingCon convention in Bonn, Germany, October 2009.

Also at the convention were:
Lord of the Rings: Lori Dungey (Mrs Bracegirdle), Bruce Hopkins(Gamling) Craig Parker(Haldir), Mark Ferguson(Gil Galad) and Jarl Benzen(Glorfindel).
The Twilight Saga: Edi Gathegi(Laurent), Christian Serratos(Angela Weber), Daniel Cudmore(Felix, Volturi).
Harry Potter: Matthew Lewis(Neville Longbottom), Angelica Mandy(Gabrielle Delacour).
The last three arrived late and were not at the press conference.

Kyle and webmoster official photo, 303 kb

And for everyone who were not there - spring 2010 you can buy the 2-disc convention DVD from the shop and get a very good idea of how much fun it was.

Several people have kindly lent me photos for this gallery because my own pictures kinda sucked. That might seem rather appropriate for vampire photos, but since I'm not a vampire, I prefer unsucky pics ;-)
So far, thanks to Cordesh from
Cordesh shares his RC pictures with this remark:
"Please tell my why you would like a picture - because you're in it - or simply because you think Kyle is so ... Kyle."

Fans got to see Kyle quite a few times, starting with the press conference. Several Blood Ties and Kyle Schmid fan site people had been permitted to attend - Thanks to Brigitte from RingCon.
Many questions were asked and much laughter ensued.
Craig Parker said that these were the Gummi Bear vampires - they just cuddle and leave you sticky ...

Edi Gathegi mentioned that hobbits probably taste like Snickers to a vampire ...

Someone mentioned that the next hot thing might be Vampire Elves!

Also at the convention was photographer Andreas Reiner who took some great photos of the guests, some of which he kindly gave me permissoin to post here. You can see more of his photos at

It's been a while since we saw new photos from RingCon, but I finally got permission to post these two photos. They are by journalist C-J. Kaller who also wrote the great articles about Blood Ties in the German magazine TVHighlights:

TVHighlight #170, November 2008 8 pages, introducing the series and the first half of their episode guide.
TVHighlight #172, January 2009 3 pages with a great interview with Dylan Neal.
TVHighlight #173, February 2009: With an interview with Kyle Schmid plus the second half of the episode guide.

Sorry about the big copyrights, but that was a condition for being allowed to post these images. They are EXCLUSIVE to this site, meaning they may only be used here - but we all know they will be posted elsewhere, so ...

So - do you wish you were an angel rubber duck? ;-)

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