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06 August 2009

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What Girls Learn was filmed in Ontario, Canada and is Based on the novel What Girls Learn by Karin Cook

Aside from playing the male lead Nick, Scott Bakula was also a producer on the movie, and it originally aired on the Showtime network. It was Kyle's first movie with Alison Pill - the second one was Fast Food High.

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The story is about Mama(Elizabeth Perkins) and her two daughters who live in Georgia. Mama decides to uproot the family and move to Long Island and move in with Nick(Scott Bakula), a man she knows mainly through letters.
Her daughters Tilden(Alison Pill), the moody one, and Elizabeth(Tamara Hope), the dreamy one - are not happy about it - to put it mildly. And especially Tilden. Jamie Sanders (Kyle) fixes cars for Nick and is the best man at the wedding between Nick and Mama.
Jamie catches the eye of Tilden and comforts her when things go bad.

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