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27 October 2010

Kyle Schmid - Three Inches pilot Gallery

Kyle plays Brandon aka Captain Normal, the captain of the team, and the general opinion of his team mates seems to be this:

Captain Normal's smirk - his arrogance exceeded only by his one true ability:
The ability to act like a total douchebag
What's his special power?
He doesn't have one - that's why we call him Normal.

Filmed in Toronto August 30 – September 23, 2010

It stars:
Noah Reid as Walter Spackman - aka Three Inches
James Marsters as Troy Hamilton, the mentor to the band of heroes
Carlo De Los Rios as Caros aka The Human Smell
Andrea Martin as Belinda Spackman, Walter's mom

Other not-so-super skills among the band:
Mood Swing - a beautiful “super” hero who has the ability to shape the emotions of anyone she meets at close range
Mynah Bird - a woman who can duplicate and recite any sounds she hears, respectively.
Plus The Bugmaster and Time Zone.
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Directed by Jace Alexander, written by Harley Peyton.


In Three Inches, professional daydreamer and underachiever, Walter Spackman, is struck by lightning, and develops a unique “super” power — the ability to move any object using just his mind… but only a distance of three inches. He’s soon recruited by a covert team of superheroes each gifted with their own extraordinarily ordinary abilities. Together, the unlikely band of heroes proves that “super” is simply a state of mind.

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