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18 May 2009

Kyle Schmid - Joyride 2: Dead Ahead Gallery

Joyride 2: Dead Ahead will be released on DVD in the US 2008 October 7.

Sisters Kayla and Melissa and their boyfriends are on the way to Las Vegas for a bit of fun when their car breaks down. The only option seems to be stealing a car - but they intend to return it on the way home ...

However, the car belongs to Rusty Nail, and he doesn't like people messing with his belongings.

Kyle plays Nic - who comes off as a rockstar badass - but layers are peeled off him throughout the movie - and he turns out to be not quite a badass ... Co-starring are Nick Zano as Bobby, Nicki Aycox as Melissa, his girlfriend and Laura Jordan as Kayla.

Kyle's two favorite scenes from the movie that he did are very different:
A funny scene where Nic totally disses truckers - in a diner full of truckers.
And a torture scene near the end.

The movie is supposed to be taking place in the desert in the middle of the summer ... but it was filmed during the winter in British Columbia, Canada.
They had five straight weeks of night shoots, and it ended up raining every single night.

In an interview, Rusty Nail said about why he especially enjoyed torturing Nic:
"He's a pretty boy. I don't like pretty boys."

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While we’re loath to reveal who survives (or not) to see the end credits, the actors are more than willing to discuss their experiences in that scene; rounding out the cast of Rusty Nail’s targets are Nick Zano (also in the upcoming FINAL DESTINATION 4), who plays Melissa’s fiancé Bobby, and Kyle (BLOOD TIES) Schmid as resident joker Nik, both of whom are active participants in that grisly highlight. “The torture scene is one of the most intense sequences,” Schmid says. “The special effects are fantastic, and a lot of the fans are gonna get a kick out of it.” Having an onscreen friend who also demonstrated true professional dedication was also important when tackling such intense material, Schmid notes. “Nick came into those torture moments with me,” he says, “and when they were shooting my close-ups and he wasn’t on camera, he was still there in his own head. That’s special to have someone who’s just as dedicated as you are and vice versa.” Gibbon was also quite impressed with his castmates’ fortitude, even though his character is (mostly) responsible for the situation they find themselves in. “It was very easy for me to center myself for those scenes with the performances those two guys gave,” he recalls. “I just wanted to keep ’em warm, pat ’em on the shoulder and let them know they’re doing good work, because they had the bigger job on that day. They expended a phenomenal amount of energy.” Despite Gibbon’s imposing presence (and the ability, according to his cohorts, to startle JOY RIDE 2’s crewmembers), he stresses the importance of being able to turn it on and off for the cameras and the other cast. “I’m not a Method actor, so the second we were cut, I could pet a bunny,” Gibbon quips. “You can have a lot of fun, and it’s all make-believe; that torture scene, even though it was stressful, was enjoyable.”

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