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12 August 2010

Kyle Schmid in Gravy Train the movie


Gypsy Creek's hapless Private Dick, Charles Gravytrain(Tim Doiron) believes in three things: Truth, Justice, and slapping the no good crook Jimmy Fish Eye in the slammer for life! And with the help of his foxy new partner, big city cop Miss Uma Booma(April Mullen) he may do just that. But in a town that has more stinky secrets and slippery surprises than a tin of rotten sardines the only question is...Where's the Fish?!

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You can buy the DVD by clicking the link to the ==> GravyTrain paypal page It's CAD24.95, including worldwide shipping. If you would like an autographed postcard just write that in the instructions box.
I've been told that Kyle's role is rather small, so don't expect him to be in every scene ;-)

Official GravyTrain site
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Rock, Paper, Scissor - the Way of the Tosser - and buy it on DVD!
And watch Tosser promo clips on youtube
Hopefully I'll soon have some Gravy Train clips too *fingers crossed*

Read an interview with the director, producer and actor April Mullen:
April Mullen interview at

Lance Dancaster (Kyle Schmid) wonders as he makes potato men, “Where’s the Fish?” in the new comedy feature film GravyTrain.

Actors Kyle Schmid and Katherine East/Helga are seen in the House of Burlesque while on the hunt for Jimmy Fish Eyes in the new comedy GravyTrain.

From left to right, actors April Mullen, Chris Baker, Tim Doiron and Kyle Schmid hit the high road in the new comedy GravyTrain.

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