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20 July 2009

Kyle Schmid - Fear Island Gallery

A Beautiful Secluded Island ... Five Good Friends ... And a Killer out for Revenge.

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Fear Island started out being called Deep End, and then Deep Cove before it became Fear Island. It was filmed May 5 - 30 in 2008 in Vancouver, Deep Cove and near Buntzen Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

It stars: Mark (Aaron Ashmore), Jenna (Haylie Duff), Megan (Lucy Hale), Tyler Campbell (Kyle Schmid), Kyle Campbell (Jacob Blair) - you can see the complete cast list on IMDB

Directed by Michael Storey, written by Jack Harry and Jeff Martel, and produced by David Doerksen and Jim O'Grady for Waterfront Pictures.


Five students visit a secluded island cabin for a wild weekend party. After a night of music and drinking the friends are shocked to find the caretaker murdered and the only boat off the island gone. Stranded, they become the prey of a killer bent on revenge for something left behind from a previous visit. Each one of them a suspect, the five must decipher a series of chilling clues to reveal the islandís dark secret and eliminate their stalker ... or face death one by one.

Read a report from the set, "Chills run Deep in this thriller"

A theatrical release is planned in Canada for October 2009. In the US, the movie will either premiere on cable or go directly to DVD.

Fear Island Stills

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