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30 October 2010

Kyle Schmid Video Clips

Kyle interviewed at RingCon, October 2010

At RingCon October 17, 2010 in Bonn Germany, the webmasters of KyleSchmidWorld.com and KyleSchmidCentral were able to interview Kyle Schmid.

Many thanks to RingCon for making this possible.
Also many thanks to Shannara for running the camera and Diana for editing.

Kyle interviewed at RingCon, October 2009 by forks-bloodbank.de

Forks Bloodbank meets Kyle Schmid - transcript in English at Forks Bloodbank

Kyle at Melanie Segal's 5th annual Celebrity Gift Suite

There's a short glimpse of Kyle at the beginning - his interview starts at 2:47
Unfortunateky embedding has been disabled for the clip, so here's a link instead:
==> Kyle at the gift suite
- and a picture:

Fear Island trailer

March 2009 greeting from Kyle and LoveCuresCancer.com

Thaw trailer

Demo reel from BAMN Productions

By Any Means Necessary Productions Inc. Demo Reel (1 Min)

Mookie's Law


Gag reel

The Thaw interview

Flash file, 19 MB, duration: 5:42 minutes.
Please right-click and save to your own computer.
Thaw interview

Joy Ride 2


Another Joy Ride 2 interviw with Kyle

Joy Ride 2 interview with Kyle

Megacon, March 2008

Posted by Veronica Cure:
4 minutes 9 sec

8 minutes 2 sec

Posted by TammyDevil:
1 minute 14 sec

1 minute 16 sec

Jimmy Star is THE SH*T - the gag reel.
Cute how a few of the guys wouldn't say the word sh*t ...
Kyle is at 4:03

Kyle's Blood Ties and more interview

Here it is again - finally - Kyle's interview on ET - enjoy.
(it's a 96 MB Windows Media file, 18 minutes long, so it may take a
while to load )
Launch in external player

Beautiful People

Kyle Schmid in the TV series Beautiful People(2005), playing Evan Frasier


Kyle Schmid in Zerophilia (2005), playing Max. Official trailer.

Cheetah Girls

Kyle Schmid playing Derek, rapping in Cheetah Girls, 2003
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