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2007 September 09
The news is, that I've just installed Cutenews on this page so it's now possible for others to leave comments here.

If anyone should feel so inclined ...
Posted on 09 Sep 2007 by Webmoster
by Anne @ 09 Sep 2007 02:41 pm
Testing the posting of comments
by David @ 10 Sep 2007 02:36 am
So like, you can just leave messages here and everyone can read them? No way! That'll be huuuuge!
by DIZEY1 @ 11 Sep 2007 07:47 am
Hey Anne,
Great job, love the new additions to the site, especially those wallpapers wink You're really good at this website thingy. Keep up the great work and again so glad to have you with us at Gypsy's.

XOXOXOXO Beth/Dizey1 tongue
by Claire @ 11 Sep 2007 09:06 am
Hi Anne,
Love what you've done here!It's good to know whenever I need my Kyle fix,I can come here for a treat!
Thanks for hanging with us at Ms.Gypsys!!!

Claire smile
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