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2007 August 22
Site online - two days before Kyle Schmid's 23rd birthday.
Posted on 09 Sep 2007 by Webmoster
by jenks @ 18 Mar 2008 02:12 pm
im a total kyle lover my sister calls me a crazy at how much i love the guy. but it's not just a one vampire love i got going it's a multipale vampire love thing. i dont see what's wrong with them they are human just different humans who need to live a certain life style. i dont see anything wrong with that do you? personally i think mike is blowing the whole thing out into the open and needs to understand that vicki didn't tell him to follow her into this new life she has. he could have stayed in that little office of his after episod five plain a simple no? tell me waht you think on that.
by Ally @ 24 Feb 2010 07:09 pm
hi! i am such a big fan of kyle! but most of my bff's think people on twilight are cute, but they dont even know the guy.i try to get them to look up kyle, but THEY NEVER DO!!! but now i know that oter people like kyle schmid a.k.a. henry fitzroy. sory about bad spelling! crying tongue
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