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2012 August 3 - Copper special TONIGHT!
From BBCA:

Can't wait for the premiere of our gritty cop drama?
Get a first look at the series in an all-new special, airing August 3 at 1am/12c. And check out an extended version of the special on Video On Demand, starting Sunday, August 5.

Copper starts airing in the US on August 19th.
Posted on 03 Aug 2012 by Webmoster
2012 Januar - Kyle Schmid joining BBC US' Copper
Kyle is having a great start to 2012 so it follows his fans are too.

SyFy recently aired the Three Inches pilot which made me happy.
But it also made me sad that there won't be any episodes.

January 16th, season 2 of the US version of Being Human starts, and Kyle has recently told that he will be playing a vampire named Henry. Doesn't that sound familiar? ;-)

The latest news are that Kyle has joined BBC US' historical police series, set in New York.
You can read more about it on Copper on BBC US

Sorry about being missing in action for so long - and just when I'd decided to get back, my computer went kerplooey - but at least I can add news.

Almost forgot! Kyle is now on Twitter as well - his username is I am Kyle Schmid

Posted on 05 Jan 2012 by Webmoster
2010 December 4th - Vote for Kyle!
Raelynn Garcia, the Vampire Examiner, is running a poll for sexiest male in the vampire realm and Kyle can use all the votes he can get.

Keep checking Raelynn's page, www.examiner.com/vampire-in-national/vote-for-the-sexiest-man-the-vampire-realm-for-2010 - sometimes multiple votes are possible.

Kyle won the title last year, but this year the competition is tougher, so please vote your little hearts out!

Posted on 04 Dec 2010 by Webmoster
2010 October 24 - Kyle Schmid interview from RingCon
I've added an interview on the video page that I did at RingCon together with the webmaster of KyleSchmidWorld - enjoy!

I plan to add a transcript as soon as I get it done - and yes, I AM working on a gallery ;-)

But while you wait for that, you may want to take a look at the pictures at forks-bloodbank.de

Posted on 24 Oct 2010 by Webmoster
2010 October 7 - Vote for Henry!
Author Marta Acosta is doing a Second Annual Ultimate Hawt Vampire Poll & Contest on her blog. Henry Fitzroy won last year - help us make him a winner again!

Post your votes at
VampireWire's Second Annual Ultimate Hawt Vampire Poll

Only a week until RingCon in Bonn starts - with Kyle Schmid, Dylan Neal and Tanya Huff as guests - plus a few others ;-)

And there's a vampire ball!

Kyle recently posted on his Facebook that he starts filming a new movie in November - I'm so happy he's not filming in October!

Posted on 07 Oct 2010 by Webmoster
2010 September 16 - Kyle in new pilot
Kyle is currently in Toronto, filming the pilot "Three Inches" for SyFy.
The shoot started August 30 and ends September 23.

Three Inches is about a group of not-so-super heroes - one of them can move things with his mind - but only for a distance of three inches.

Kyle plays Brandon, aka Captain Normal, and James Marsters (formerly in Buffy, Angel, Torchwood, Caprica, Smallville and others) also stars.
Noah Reid is the lead - the guy who can move stuff with his mind.

The pilot is scheduled to air in the fall.

Posted on 16 Sep 2010 by Webmoster
2010 August 9 - New message from Kyle
No wonder I love that guy!

Please go to the From Kyle page to read his message.
If you don't love Kyle already, after reading his message I don't see how you can resist.

Thank YOU, Kyle!

Posted on 09 Aug 2010 by Webmoster
2010 August 8 - Upcoming TV guest spot
August 6th, Kyle posted on his Facebook that he has been filming an episode of "Republic of Doyle" (of which 6 episodes were co-executive produced by Blood Ties writer Denis McGrath). The series airs in Canada on CBC.

Kyle also posted that he has tested for a new series pilot, so all fingers crossed!

Posted on 08 Aug 2010 by Webmoster
2010 August 3 - Happy 26th Birthday Kyle!
While it's not exactly news that it's Kyle's birthday once a year, and today is it, I still think it's worth a mention.

Especially since August 3rd is fairly new knowledge - for a long time, IMDB had it listed as August 23 and some sites still list that.

But it's definitely the third.

Some fans have created a virtual birthday card for Kyle - if you'd like to sign it, there's still time - klick here to sign the birthday card

Raelynn Coombs aka the Kyle Schmid Examiner aka The Blood Ties Examiner, has posted a nice birthday greeting

Actual news is that finally Fear Island has been released on DVD in Europe, and here's a little preview of the upcoming gallery:

Kyle definitely nailed that role ;-)

Posted on 02 Aug 2010 by Webmoster
2010 April 11 - Blood Ties on Blu-ray
Blood Ties was released on blu-ray on April 6th, and according to LiesInc, it's region-free.

I haven't received my copy yet, so I don't know if there are any extra materials on it .... not too optimistic though.

But Henry in hi-def - oh yeah baby!

Posted on 11 Apr 2010 by Webmoster
2010 April 8 - Vampire Henry Fitzroy could return!
If they can get the financing ... and ONLY Kyle Schmid can play Henry Fitzroy!

From HollywoodReporter:
'Smoke and Mirrors' for Fremantle Corp.
New vampire series based on books by Canadian Tanya Huff

By Etan Vlessing

April 8, 2010, 09:42 AM ET
TORONTO -- The Fremantle Corporation and Kaleidoscope Entertainment are developing a new vampire series, "Smoke & Mirrors," based on the "Smoke" book series by Canadian fantasy author Tanya Huff.

Kaleidoscope in 2007 turned Huff's "Blood" book series into the Lifetime Television series "Blood Ties," which also aired in Canada on Citytv and Space.

Fremantle and Kaleidoscope are now shopping "Smoke & Mirrors," starting at MIPTV, as a possible Canadian-European co-production. The urban fantasy series will see the return of Henry Fitzroy, the 474 year-old vampire, in a series of paranormal misadventures experienced on a fictional TV series shoot.

Kaleidoscope president Randall Zalken will executive produce the Canadian vampire drama.

The launch of "Smoke & Mirrors" comes as Toronto-based Fremantle continues developing a slate of commercial dramas as co-productions for global distribution.

* * * * * * * * * *

And from C21Media:
Fremantle's vampire flies to Cannes

With vampires in the ascendancy these days, Toronto-based Fremantle Corporation is developing a new blood-sucking drama based on books penned by Blood Ties scribe Tanya Huff.

Kaleidoscope Entertainment and Fremantle Corporation will be seeking coproduction partners for Smoke & Mirrors at MipTV next week, for a project that is based on the Smoke books written by Huff.

The story follows a vampire who heads to LA where one of his graphic novels is being adapted into a TV series. The show's exec producer Randy Zalken spoke of the show's "wonderful characters, tension-easing humour and devious, supernatural plot twists."

Kaleidoscope and Fremantle are trying to get this project off the ground as a possible EU/Canada coproduction. The show comes after the success of Vampire Diaries on The CW and the Twilight movie franchise.

Posted on 08 Apr 2010 by Webmoster
2010 February 17 - Recent updates
Three photos of Kyle from the upcoming comedy Gravy Train

And it seems I forgot to mention that I posted a Christmas greeting from Kyle on January 31.

Posted on 16 Feb 2010 by Webmoster
2010 January 26 - Take a Chance on Love II
What: Take a Chance on Love II,
When: Wednesday, February 10, 8pm to 2 am, Red Carpet 8pm to 10pm
Dress: Cocktail attire suggested

Where: Voyeur,
7969 Santa Monica Blvd,
West Hollywood 90046

Price: $30 at the door - presale $20

All proceeds will be donated to
Children's Hospital Los Angeles(CHLA)
Posted on 26 Jan 2010 by Webmoster
2010 Jan 17 - Two new RingCon photos
Please check the RingCon Gallery - we don't often see photos of Kyle getting ready to kiss ... wink

Posted on 17 Jan 2010 by Webmoster
2010 Jan 2 - Kyle won!
What a great way to start the new decade!

On Examiner.com, Kyle won the poll for 'Sexiest Man in the Vampire Realm' - meaning he beat out both vampires, werewolves and humans!

And we got this headline: 'There's a new vampire in town, and his name is Henry' - yeah, we knew that wink

Total Votes: 6479 - Kyle got 42%

The top twelve (I just HAD to include Angel) poll results were as follows:
1. Kyle Schmid - 2706 votes
2. Robert Pattinson - 2571 votes
3. Ian Somerhalder - 317 votes
4. Taylor Lautner - 154 votes
5. Kellan Lutz - 141 votes
6. Paul Wesley - 127 votes
7. Nick Brendon - 85 votes
8. Alexander Skarsgard - 80 votes
9. James Marsters - 74 votes
10. Peter Facinelli - 65 votes
11. Jackson Rathbone - 60 votes
12. David Boreanaz - 57 votes

Thanks to Rae aka the "Memphis Vampire Examiner" for putting up the poll, and thanks to all the fans who voted.

Posted on 02 Jan 2010 by Webmoster
2009 Dec 30 - Kyle on Facebook
Kyle Schmid finally started his own page on Facebook!

Official Kyle Schmid Facebook Page

Since I'm not completely sure the link works, the official page has a black and white profile photo of Kyle wearing a white t-shirt, standing in front of some cars.

Also, please vote for Kyle on the Sexiest Man in the Vampire Realm Vote
Winner to be announced January 1st, 2010.

If you want to vote multiple times, I think you need to clear your cookies between each vote.

We probably can't beat Rob Pattinson, but it would be cool to make a good showing.

Posted on 29 Dec 2009 by Webmoster
2009 Dec 10 - Kyle announced for RingCon 2010
Please check the convention page for details.

Posted on 10 Dec 2009 by Webmoster
2009 Dec 9 - Multiple Updates

Blood Ties memorabilia for sale on ebay

Henry's rings and dog tags and much more on eBay <== click

LCC Toy Drive

Invitation to the "Love Cures Cancer Charity Toy Drive" on Friday, December 11 at 10:00pm in Los Angeles.

Event: Love Cures Cancer Charity Toy Drive
What: Fundraiser
Start Time: Friday, December 11 at 10:00pm
End Time: Sunday, December 13 at 2:00am
Where: Janes House Hollywood

Click the link to Facebook to see more details and RSVP

RingCon DVD

If there's enough interest, RingCon will release a special DVD with only Kyle's panels, so anyone who wasn't able to be at RingCon October 2009 will have a chance to see what went on.

But they need enough pre-orders to go ahead with the project.

You can either vote on the
RingCon forum

you can vote by leaving a comment on the RingCon Facebook Page

You can send an email to Brigitte at Fedcon dot de

- but ONLY if you intend to purchase a copy.

Disc specs:
No German subitles
16:9 PAL Widescreen
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Price: 9.90 Euro plus shipment

Shipping and handling:
9 Euro -> Denmark, Austra, Netherlands
12 Euro -> France, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Switzerland
16 Euro - > Finland, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Vatican
25 Euro - > Rest of the world

Posted on 09 Dec 2009 by Webmoster
2009 Nov 17 - Love Cures Cancer update
Message from Kyle, dated November 11:

Just dropped off 6000$ dollars in tv's, wii's, wii games, movies etc. to the Los Angeles Childrens Hospital! Thanks you all who supported us at www.lovecurescancer.com!
Posted on 17 Nov 2009 by Webmoster
2009 August 18 - New Fan Art
I've added a wallpaper by Karin and a drawing by SaraRegina
Thanks for sending them to me.

If you've made a wall paper or drawn Kyle - or created his likeness in marzepan or glass mosaic, please send a picture of it to me so I can share it with all Kyle Schmid fans.

Posted on 18 Aug 2009 by Webmoster
2009 August 8 - Birthday Message from Kyle
Please check the From Kyle Page to read the latest message from Kyle.

I've added a page about the movie Kyle is currently working on, Four to the Floor - no pictures from the movie yet, but hopefully I will have some in the future.

DVD News:
Blood Ties "season 2" will be released in the US October 6th.
Also on October 6th The Thaw will be released, on blu-ray as well.

Posted on 07 Aug 2009 by Webmoster
2009 July 25 - Kyle in El Salvador
While Kyle was in El Salvador, he promoted Blood Ties which had just started airing there. That resulted in three online interviews - at least.

Vampiro recorrió El Salvador on elsalvador.com

Un vampiro acecha a El Salvador on elmundo.com

Conocimos al vampiro on laprensagrafica.com

Posted on 25 Jul 2009 by Webmoster
2009 July 21 - New Fan Art, stills and movie pages
Added 3 new drawings in the fan art section.

Added a Fear Island gallery with 6 images, 3 of them official stills.

Added a What Girls Learn gallery with 3 stills.

The Blood Ties season 2 DVD release is scheduled for October 6th, 2009.

Posted on 20 Jul 2009 by Webmoster
2009 May 21 - New Fan Art, DVD trailer link
Added a drawing by Sara Regina to the Fan Art Gallery

Check out the site for the Blood Ties DVD from Eagle Rock

Posted on 21 May 2009 by Webmoster
2009 May 20 - Blood Ties US DVD release June 2

According to Eagle Rock Entertainment, the US release of the "first season" of Blood Ties on DVD is still scheduled for a June 2nd release - and not delayed to June 23 as has been reported.

So time will tell what the actual date is ...

Posted on 19 May 2009 by Webmoster
2009 May 12 - RingCon replaces FrightCon
Due to low ticket sales, FrightCon has been cancelled.

However, since most of the tickets that were sold were for the Blood Ties guests, Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal have been transferred to RingCon

RingCon takes place October 2 - 4 in Bonn, Germany.
RingCon is a fantasy convention, inspired by The Lord of the Rings, so in my opnion a much better fit for Kyle and Dylan than FrightCon was.

Confirmed guests so far are Ashley Greene, Edi Gathegi and Kellan Lutz from Twilight, Matthew Lewis from Harry Potter and Lori Dungey from Lord of the Rings.
Posted on 12 May 2009 by Webmoster
2009 March 27 - New Headshot
Okay, it's from around 2003, but new on the website.
Check it out in the head shot gallery

News from LoveCuresCancer:
The launch party is on April 15 - check Kyle's LoveCuresCancer page for details and booking tickets.

LoveCuresCancer has posted a new video with Kyle

It is now possible to donate on LoveCuresCancer.com using PayPal.

DVD news: The North American release will be in two parts, the second one set for a tentative September release.

The contest for the German Blood Ties DVD (part 1) has closed - congratulations to winners Petra, Katharina, Frauke, Sylvia and Petra who have all received their prizes.

Posted on 27 Mar 2009 by Webmoster
2009 February 23 - US Blood Ties DVD release date!
Finally - news about the DVD!

My reliable informant tells me it will be released on June 2, 2009, and there will be substantial extras smile

I've added a new page to the site: Kyle's Answers to some of the questions posted on the forum. So for forum members it's old news, just bette organized.

Posted on 23 Feb 2009 by Webmoster
2009 February 18 - New Convention
Updated convention page with FrightCon in Bonn, Germany
New fan art by Elaine Hall and Lisa James (third row, to the right)
Updated LoveCuresCancer page with launch party date
Updated video page with Kyle's Valentine greeting

Posted on 17 Feb 2009 by Webmoster
2009 February 4 - New Fan Art
A drawing by Madonna P and 17 new icons by Angel - check the fan art section in the gallery

Posted on 04 Feb 2009 by Webmoster
2009 February 3 - LoveCuresCancer plus new photos
Together with 4 friends, Kyle has founded LoveCuresCancer.

The aim of LCC is to raise LOTS of money and donate them to St. Jude Children's Hospital. You can read more about it on the LoveCuresCancer page on this site, or you can visit LoveCuresCancer.com

I have also doubled the number of photos in the TIFF gallery, thanks to photographer Haidee Malkin.

Posted on 03 Feb 2009 by Webmoster
2008 December 21 - Christmas Greeting from Kyle
I have posted a message from Kyle to his fans on Kyle's Page

Posted on 21 Dec 2008 by Webmoster
2008 November 08 - New Galleries
I've added two galleries - one with Blood Ties promo pictures and another with a few head shots

Posted on 08 Nov 2008 by Webmoster
2008 October 31 - Kyle on Smallville last night

Kyle played Sebastian Kane - and it looked like he died at the end of the episode. But with ScienceFiction you just never know ...
So be sure to let the CW know you'd like to see Kyle again.

Click to => Send Feedback to CW

Click to =>Join and post on CW's official Smallville forum

Or go all out and send them a real letter(postcard)!
The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Posted on 31 Oct 2008 by Webmoster
2008 October 19 - Kyle on Smallville
Remember to watch Smallville October 30!
It's episode 8x07, Identity, and airs in the US on the CW - and get everyone to watch!
Numbers count!

Kyle's movie "Joy Ride: Dead Ahead" was released on DVD in the US on October 7.
I think it's rated R like "Joy Ride" - meaning if you're under 17, you should only see it in the company of an adult.

Kyle's next two movies are also horror - "Dead End" and "The Thaw".
Both of them are in post-production and there's no release info yet.

Kyle has just finished filming a comedy called "Gravy Train", but no release info for that either.

Kyle will also be in "Strife", playing Lorenzo, one of the three leads. The movie is still in pre-production, so I have absolutely no clue about a release date.

Posted on 20 Oct 2008 by Webmoster
2008 September 13 - CSI:Miami season 6 released
The DVD box set of 'CSI: Miami' season 6 was released in the US on September 9th.

Site updates:
New drawing of Kyle by Debbie in the fan art gallery and 4 new wall papers by Alicja
Posted on 13 Sep 2008 by Webmoster
2008 September 1 - Free viewing of Joy Ride 2 in New York
On Saturday, September 27 at 11 pm, Fangoria Magazine will host a free showing of "Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead" at New York City’s Two Boots Pioneer Theater (155 East 3rd Street and Avenue A).

Go to Fangoria.com to learn how to obtain tickets.
This will probably be your only chance to see it on the big screen since it's going directly to DVD.

Posted on 01 Sep 2008 by Webmoster
2008 August 30 - Birthday Message from Kyle Schmid
I've posted a message of thanks from Kyle on the - where else? - the From Kyle Page

I have also added two galleries - one with images of him talking about Joy Ride 2, the other with images from the Joy Ride 2 trailer - I was lucky that it was included on a DVD I bought.

Posted on 29 Aug 2008 by Webmoster
2008 August 24 - Birthday Updates
I made these updates to celebrate Kyle's 24th birthday:

2 new wallpapers, Death Row and Missing 1-800

Fan art gallery

Gallery from Spill

Kyle's guest book message from 2007

Added a new picture in the Look-alike gallery

Plus I found some new Blood Ties photos on the website of BT production designer Andy Deskin

Posted on 25 Aug 2008 by Webmoster
2008 August 23 - Launch party gala event in Toronto
Do you live in Toronto?
Don't you have any plans tonight?

Then how about going to the Bloor Cinema at 9 pm to see some the short films Kyle Schmid has participated in as part of the 'By Any Means Necessary Productions Inc.'?

BAMN will be having its launch party gala event in Toronto at the Bloor Cinema.

Facebook group - By Any Means Necessary Productions Inc. to R.S.V.P.

Posted on 23 Aug 2008 by Webmoster
2008 July 28 - The movie 'Strife' is in preproduction
Kyle has landed the role of one of the three leads in Strife.
The two others are Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene, fresh off the Vampire movie "Twilight".

"Strife" tells the story of three friends struggling with day-to-day life in the drug- and gang-infested streets of Los Angeles. Caught in a world of violence and tragedy, they struggle to discover the hope and love that can help them persevere.

Kyle plays Lorenzo, a privileged young man from a wealthy family who nonetheless has to fight temptations as he tries to remain loyal to his friends.

Posted on 23 Aug 2008 by Webmoster
2008 July 16 - All Jumpcons cancelled
All Jumpcons have been cancelled - check the convention page for more details.

Posted on 15 Jul 2008 by Webmoster
2008 July 6 - Kyle unable to attend Jumpcon Pittsburgh
Due to work commitments, Kyle has had to cancel his appearance at Jumpcon Pittsburgh, July 25 - 27.

The auction for a seat next to him at the Saturday night dinner has been removed from ebay. The auctions for Boston, Dallas and New Orleans are still listed.

Posted on 05 Jul 2008 by Webmoster
2008 June 18 - Kyle is busy
Kyle is currently filming a movie called The Thaw.

He has also done a new short interview for Starry Constellation Magazine - you can find a link to the interview on the links page.

Posted on 17 Jun 2008 by Webmoster
2008 May 18 - The Variety ad is a GO!
Thanks to the Ad Committee, the fans donated more than $3,500 to pay for an ad to be run on the online version of Variety Magazine.

Read all about it on the Save Blood Ties Ad Comittee site
Posted on 17 May 2008 by Webmoster
2008 May 2 - Website Update
The MegaCon Gallery is finally online.

Posted on 02 May 2008 by Webmoster
2008 April 15 - Save Blood Ties website
SaveBloodTies.org - the umbrella site for ALL the Saving Blood Ties efforts. Please visit daily, comment, and learn what you can do to help.

Posted on 15 Apr 2008 by Webmoster
2008 April 9 - Blood Ties starts airing in the UK again
On Friday, April 11 th 2008 at 21:00, Virgin 1 in the UK. will start airing Blood Ties.

Virgin 1 is quite a bit bigger than Living where Blood Ties aired the first time around smile

Now I just keep my fingers crossed that SFX - The Earth's Greatest SF and Fantasy Magazine profiles the cast on their pages. Maybe a letter to the editors would help ... or posting on their forum ...

Posted on 08 Apr 2008 by Webmoster
2008 March 26 - Site Update
I've added 4 new conventions that Kyle Schmid will be at.

I am also working on a gallery from Megacon - removing red eyes takes a while since I get distracted easily ;-)

Posted on 26 Mar 2008 by Webmoster
2008 March 5 - Site Updates
It has become necessary to add a "Frequently Asked Questions" page, explaining among other things, the rules for using pictures from this site.

I have seen pictures from this site used on other sites - without being asked for permission, and I think it's pretty rude.
I have worked hard to get some of the pictures on this site, and I don't appreciate other sites just copying them.

So now you know.

Posted on 05 Mar 2008 by Webmoster
2008 March 4 - Site Updates
Added 2 new galleries - one for the movie Sandy Bottom Orchestra and one from the Blood Ties Set

Posted on 03 Mar 2008 by Webmoster
2008 February 28 - Site Updates
I've added a video page.

So far, there's only one clip there - the 18 minute long ET interview (thanks to Sylvaris). It's 95 mb, so it takes a while to load - just be patient.

Posted on 27 Feb 2008 by Webmoster
2008 February 22 - Site Updates
I added two new galleries today - the TV episode Missing 1-800 with 36 pictures and Kyle's first movie, Spill with 8 pictures.

Posted on 22 Feb 2008 by Webmoster
2008 February 04 - Site Updates
Inspired by the Blood Ties map, I've also added a Fan Map on KyleSchmidCentral

Be sure to visit the Save Blood Ties campaign page on BloodTiesCentral

Posted on 04 Feb 2008 by Webmoster
2008 January 10 - Support Blood Ties
First sign your name to the Blood Ties Map on Frapper - you don't have to sign up, but they do want your email address.

And then go read this:
E!Online 's Watch With Kristin - Could Blood Ties be back?

You can both vote for Blood Ties there and add a comment.

NB! There are 15 days left of the "WIN Blood Ties on DVD" competition!
Posted on 10 Jan 2008 by Webmoster
2008 January 1 - Website update
Kyle's Korner has been converted to a forum.

Keeping track of the questions had gotten too confusing - especially with the "question thread" moving to page 2.

So I'm going to try a forum format instead - hope you will find it less confusing. *I* was confused by the old system - and I was the one who had installed it ;-)

Click on the link for the Home-page and then click on Kyle's Korner and you should get the forum where you can register.
Posted on 01 Jan 2008 by Webmoster
2007 December 18 - Blood Ties DVD competition


For your chance to win Blood Ties Season 1 on DVD along with a brand new IPod Shuffle, send in a picture of your best vampire impression along with your name and address to COMPETITION@CATHYBECK.COM

Blood Ties is out to own on region 2 DVD in the UK from 28th January 2008. The competition closes on 25th January 2008

Make sure your DVD player can play European Region 2 DVDs

The US release is scheduled for summer 2008
Posted on 18 Dec 2007 by Webmoster
2007 December 18 - Blood Ties reruns in February

Beginning Saturday, February 9th and Sunday, February 10th, at 10PM (ET/PT)

Watch the entire series from the beginning. A different episode will air on Saturday and Sunday nights on Lifetime Real Women (LRW).
Check with your local cable provider to find out if LRW is available in your area.
Posted on 18 Dec 2007 by Webmoster
2007 November 30 - Tiny Site update
Added a new image of Kyle and Christina on set in Kyle's Pictures section

Posted on 29 Nov 2007 by Webmoster
2007 November 29 - Blood Ties
From the Livejournal of Tanya Huff:

Hey Tanya,

I just wanted to give you an update in regards to the Blood Ties final two episodes. Those episodes will not air on-air they will air online instead.

The schedule is as follows:
November 30: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly will air on Television and "We'll Meet Again" will air online.
*Basically you will get two episodes this Friday (November 30)
Next Friday, December 7: The final episode will air online only.

(bit about how we'll handle the blog deleted because we haven't decided yet)

Also, is it possible to send a message to the fans letting them know they can watch online the final two episodes?

Posted on 28 Nov 2007 by Webmoster
2007 November 13 - Website Update
I've added a gallery with 3 new pictures from the Toronto International Film Festival

Posted on 13 Nov 2007 by Webmoster
2007 November 8 - Small Website Update
I added a CSI: Miami wallpaper in the ... you guessed it: Wallpaper Gallery
Another great one by Dee.

Posted on 08 Nov 2007 by Webmoster
2007 November 2 - Blood Ties - the BIG push!
Blood Ties needs all the love it can get!

Express your love by using the Feedback Form at CityTV and sending emails to Space at space@spacecast.com.

In this case, we're all honorary Canadians ;-)

Posted on 02 Nov 2007 by Webmoster
2007 November 2 - Joyride II update
Kyle Schmid plays Nik.

In the film four young adults (Melissa, Bobby, Kayla, Nik) on the road to a concert in Las Vegas take a lethal side trip -- and when their beater of a car breaks down, they make the fatal error of stealing a car belonging to depraved, homicidal, sadistic, maniacal, sociopathic trucker Rusty Nail...
Synopsis source: Bloody-Disgusting.com

Posted on 02 Nov 2007 by Webmoster
2007 October 31 - Kyle News
Kyle is currently filming a movie called Joyride II.
No role name is known yet.

Posted on 31 Oct 2007 by Webmoster
2007 October 27 - Kyle News
Regarding the fires in California - I've been told that the fires are not in the vicinity of Kyle's home, so that's one less person to worry about.

Kyle is busy for the next month, shooting a movie.
Sorry - I don't have a title.

Posted on 27 Oct 2007 by Webmoster
2007 October 25 - Link change
Try this link to Blood Ties at Hey! Nielsen - the link furhter down leads you to comment on a comment. This one is for making YOUR OWN comments.

Did you realise it's also possible to comment on people?
Here's a link for Kyle Schmid at Hey! Nielsen

And a little preview:

Posted on 25 Oct 2007 by Webmoster
2007 October 21 - Website update
Added a small gallery of not-exactly-huge images from Kyle's eTalk interview - and added 4 new wallpapers by Dee.

Posted on 21 Oct 2007 by Webmoster
2007 October 20 - Post about Blood Ties on Hey! Nielsen
Nielsen who rates all US shows has a new site where members can post, Hey! Nielsen.com -
Fortunately is looks like they are open to non-US member too, so please sign up, get busy and post!

We want to see Kyle Schmid in 22 more episodes - at LEAST!

Posted on 20 Oct 2007 by Webmoster
2007 October 17 - Website Update
New Interview with Kyle Schmid - very short.
"Great moisturizer" - heh ...

Added a CSI: Miami Gallery with 44 images.

Posted on 17 Oct 2007 by Webmoster
2007 October 4 - Live Chat with Kyle and Christina
Kyle Schmid and Christina Cox are doing a Live video chat tonight

Install the paltalk program and prepare your questions!
The chat shold be open to paltalk members worldwide.
Unfortunately the paltalk program is not available for MAC.

Posted on 04 Oct 2007 by Webmoster
2007 October 3 - Website Update
I've added a new page to the site, Kyle's Korner


Posted on 02 Oct 2007 by Webmoster
2007 October 2 - Convention News
Kyle Schmid will be a guest at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, March 7 - 9, 2008.

More details to follow.
Posted on 01 Oct 2007 by Webmoster
2007 September 25 - Website Update
Added a link to an 18 minute long video interview on the media page

Posted on 25 Sep 2007 by Webmoster
2007 September 22 - Please Help Blood Ties
Message from Blood Ties producer Peter Mohan:

Time to Fight for Blood Ties

Please, read, comment, act.


Posted on 22 Sep 2007 by Webmoster
2007 September 21 - Website Update
Added a gallery with 85 icons

Posted on 21 Sep 2007 by Webmoster
2007 September 20 - Website Update
Added 8 production stills to the Death Row Gallery
Started on a Blood Ties Gallery

Posted on 20 Sep 2007 by Webmoster
2007 September 15 - website updates
A Wallpaper Gallery with 17 wallpapers
4 new links on the Media Page, one of them to a 7 year old interview
A picture of Kyle arriving at the Toronto International Film Festival
A Gallery with 105 pictures from Death Row
A Look-a-Like Gallery

Posted on 15 Sep 2007 by Webmoster
2007 September 12 - Recent Sighting
Kyle Schmid was at the Toronto International Film Festival 2007 on September 7. He was spotted arriving at the Star!Schmooze or the Canadian Launch of Twenty8Twelve - the fashion line by sisters Savannah and Siena Miller.
Or maybe it's the same ....

For pictures, go to Wireimage.com or to Gettyimages.com and do a search for Kyle Schmid.

Another picture of Kyle at the Star!Schmooze Red Carpet at TIFF.

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2007 September 11
Added three wall papers by Dee.
Added links to two of Kyle's TV episodes on the media page
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2007 September 09
The news is, that I've just installed Cutenews on this page so it's now possible for others to leave comments here.

If anyone should feel so inclined ...
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2007 September 4
From: Kyle Schmid
Where in the world?: Toronto, Canada
Your message: I'd like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. I've only just been online here. And I'm speechless. Thank you all for you kind words and wishes. To all of you who set a guiness aside for me as well. CHEERS. For those who I know in person, I miss you all very much. I look forward to seeing you again. For those I don't know, I look forward to meeting you. Thank you so much.

Much love,

P.S.I feel like a just blew a great surprise party.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Since Kyle Schmid posted in the guestbook, several other people have posted, so to make it easier to find, I've copied his message to this page.
Eventually, I may have to post it on a regluar pages as this page might also get filled ...
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2007 August 22
Site online - two days before Kyle Schmid's 23rd birthday.
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