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02 December 2009

Kyle Schmid in the MEDIA

doesn't necessarily mean a recently made interview - just that it's a new listing on this site. For example the interview from 2000 - I just found it recently.

Text Interviews

Teen SceneMag.com
"Kyle Schmid - from Blood Ties to Deep Cove"
January 27, 2009 - written by Anna Wilczek. It's possible to leave a comment.

Metro Canada
October 16, 2007 - "Great Moisturizer ....".

The Mississauga News August 20, 2007 - "Schmid sinks his teeth into starring role".
By the Mississauga News

Winnipeg Sun August 20, 2007 - "The Blue Blood Vampire." - Befanged Kyle Schmid is the illegitimate son of Henry VIII in the series Blood Ties
By Bill Harris.

Canoe -- JAM! Television, August 20, 2007 - "Schmid Thirsty to Make His Mark"
By Bill Harris
Same as the Winnipeg Sun interview - but still available online for free ...

ScifiTalk podcast, May 17, 2007, MP3, 29,2 MB, 31 minutes - right-click and save, please.
By Tony Tellado.

Interview on the Lifetime Blood Ties website

Starrymag interview, April 2007

Maple Ridge News online interview, November 2006

Kyle Schmid Interview on about.com - Sisterhood and A History of Violence

Interview from 2000 - Kyle at 15 ...

Video Clips

Interview with Kyle on the set of Joyride 2: End of the Line, 20 November 2007:


Kyle Schmid on CTV's eTalk - an 18 minute long streaming video interview.
Summer 2007.
Sadly this clips seems to have been removed - try contacting eTalk to have it put up again.
You never know - it might work. And it might inspire them to do another interview with Kyle ...

Blood Ties clips on Yahoo TV, 2007
Be sure to check both the episode previews and the clips with Kyle, Dylan, Christina and Tanya Huff

Yeah Whatever's video shoot for "It's Over Now" which was filmed on the Blood Ties set
Yeah Whatever plays Metal, Rock and Other ....

Behind the Scenes clip - Kyle Schmid is gripping.
As in working as a grip ....
It takes quite a while to load and you have to scroll more than half way down the page to see it.

Flare Magazine photoshoot, March 2006

Kyle Schmid on YouTube

Blake Holsey High, episode 3x12, "Past", March 2005.
He's in part 1 and 2.

Zack Files, episode 1x23, "Gone", March 2001.

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