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23 July 2012


Connecting with Kyle

The one and only, the really real, Kyle himself on Facebook:
Official Kyle Schmid Facebook Page for Fans

Kyle started tweeting in December 2012 - you can follow him at IAmKyleSchmid


BBC America's Copper - premiering in the US on August 19th, 2012.

You can watch the Copper trailer on Youtube and check out the Ultimate Copper Playlist to watch a lot of Copper-behind-the-scenes

You can follow the show on Facebook: CopperTV and Twitter: CopperTV and using the tag #CopperTV


Starry Constellation Magazine June 2008
Mainly about his movie Deep Cove, but also mentions new project The Thaw, and acknowledges the fanbase of Blood Ties.

Starry Constellation Magazine April 2007
Mainly about Blood Ties

Kyle Schmid fansites

KyleSchmidWorld.com - in SEVEN languages!
Kyle Schmid International Fansite - in FIVE languages!
Kyle Schmid EU - in English and German
Polish Kyle Schmid fan blog
Russian Kyle Schmid fan site
KyleSchmid France - a very active site.
KyleSchmid Spain
Knightwatchman - lots of captures from Kyle Schmid's work.
Blood Ties Birthday Books 2008
A Haven for fans of Kyle Schmid
Plus several fan pages and fan groups on Facebook.com - just do a search for Kyle Schmid. But this is a VERY good place to start: Kyle Schmid should star as ...

Kyle Schmid on IMDB
Kyle on the English Wikipedia - and yes, I posted the photo ;-)
Kyle on the German Wikipedia
Kyle on the Italian Wikipedia

Kyle's projects

Gravy Train
Gravy Train - premiered in Toronto April 23, 2010.
And you can order the DVD by sending $24.99 CAD to this email address on Paypal:
wayofthetosser@gmail.com (Way of the Tosser was the previous movie by the director of Gravy Train)

GravyTrain on Facebook
GravyTrain on MySpace
GravyTrain on Twitter

By Any Means Necessary Productions Inc.
"By Any Means Necessary Productions Inc. is a Toronto-based, consortium whose objectives are to produce, sustain and promote independent film on an international framework. It is a grassroots company founded in 2006, by a collaboration of young, vital and ambitious Canadian artists. Another objective of the production company is to create unique and exciting works, devoted to the art of film making. The uniqueness comes from unfaltering passion and steadfastness to see projected goals realized ... by any means necessary."

Email with other Kyle Schmid fans

Kyle Schmid Fans United - a Yahoo email group.

Blood Ties sites

BloodTiesCentral.com - which has very, VERY close ties with this website ;-)
Everything BloodTies - made as a backup forum for when Lifetime closes theirs.
Moonties - Italian fan site for Moonlight and Blood Ties - with forum
GinaHolden.org - a fan site for Gina
DylanNealCentral.com - a fan site for Dylan Neal

Blood Ties links

SaveBloodTies.org - the umbrella site for ALL the Saving Blood Ties efforts. Please visit daily, comment, and learn what you can do to help.

Blood Ties Fans Recycle for Sight - donate your old glasses to Lions Clubs so they can be donated so someone in need.

Friends and credits

Because I can - here's a link to my friend David's great fansite for lovely actress Shu Qi
And thanks for letting me borrow some CSS.

Thanks to the webmaster for the photo on the Biography page
Please visit her site for Caterina Scorsone who was the star of 1-800-MISSING.

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