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Kyle's Korner has been converted into a regular forum.
It got too chaotic to keep track of questions asked and answered the other way.

All questions and answers that were posted on the old system have been transferred to the forum, which means that the messages will have Anne as author. New questions asked on the forum will of course be listed by the real poster's name.

Unfortunately, because of spammers I won't permit non-members to post questions so if you want to post a question, you will have to join, sorry.

Click to go to the forum ==> Kyle's Korner - the forum

OR - you can send your question in an email to and I'll post it on the forum for you - Kyle will not answer your question in an email to you personally.

Kyle responds to questions as his time permits, so it may take a long time to get a response. Answers will be posted on the forum.

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Updated: 04 December 2008