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Year made Title Role Director Availability, Etc
20? Dark Star Hollow Tyler Sweeney Status: In development
20? Four Saints Alex Helmer Jean-Pierre Isbouts Status: Postponed
20? The Stone Pony aka
Exit 102 (working title)
Anthony Casella(previously called Bobby) ? Status: Comes and goes on IMDB ....
20? One Night aka
Lorenzo Omid Shabkhiz Status: Not listed on IMDB any more
2011 Four to the Floor XL Rotimi Rainwater Status: In pre-production
Rainwater also wrote the movie
2011 Dead Before Dawn 3D Patrick Bishop April Mullen Status: Filming complete
Official Dead Before Dawn website
Follow Dead Before Dawn on Facebook
2011 Dark Hearts Colson Status: Filming complete
2009? Gravy Train Lance Dancaster April Mullen DVD: R1,
click to buy GravyTrain on DVD
2009 The Thaw aka
Frozen - Etwas hat überlebt (de)
Federico Fulce Mark A. Lewis DVD: R1, R2.
2008 Fear Island aka
Dead End aka
Deep Cove
Tyler Michael Storey DVD: R2.
2008 Joyride 2: Dead Ahead aka
End of the Road aka
Roadkill 2: Dead Ahead
Nik Louis Morneau DVD: R1, R2.
2006 Death Row aka
Haunted Prison (TV)
Nachricht aus der Todeszelle (de)
Keith Kevin VanHook DVD: R1, R2.
2006 The Covenant aka
La Alianza del Mal (es) aka
Le Pacte du Sang (fr) aka
Der Pakt (de)
Aaron Abbot Renny Harlin DVD: R1, R2, R4.
2005 Zerophilia Max Martin Curland DVD: R1.
Official Zerophilia website
Zerophilia has won several awards at festivals.
2005 Cyber Seduction:
His Secret Life (TV) aka aka
Verführung aus dem Internet, (de)
Bobby Jordan Tom McLoughlin NA.
Starring Jeremy Sumpter and Kelly Lynch
2005 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants aka
Eine für 4, (de)
Paul Rodman Ken Kwapis DVD: R1, R2, R4.
2005 A History of Violence Bobby David Cronenberg DVD: R1, R2, R4.
Starring Viggo Mortensen
2005 The Pacifier aka
Der Babynator (de)
Scott Adam Shankman DVD: R1, R2, R4.
Starring Vin Diesel
2003 Sex and the Single Mom (TV)
aka No Easy Answer (working title)
Chad Don McBrearty DVD: R1.
Starring Gail O'Grady, Grant Show, Danielle Panabaker
2003 Cheetah Girls (TV) aka
Wir Werden Pop Stars (de)
Derek Oz Scott DVD: R1, R2, R4.
Starring Raven.
2003 Fast Food High Brad Nisha Ganatra NA.
Starring Alison Pill
2001 What Girls Learn aka
Stürmische Zeiten (de)
Jamie Sanders Lee Rose DVD: R1.
Based on the novel What Girls Learn by Karin Cook. Starring Elizabeth Perkins, Scott Bakula, Alison Pill
2000 Sandy Bottom Orchestra (TV)
Sandy Bottom - Konzert für eine Stadt (de)
Scott Miller, cellist Bradley Wigor DVD: R1.
In 2001 he was nominated for a Young Artist Award for "Best performance in a TV Movie-Supporting Young Actor" for his performance as Scott Miller.
Based on the Sandy Bottoms Orchestra novel by Garrison Keillor and Jenny Lind Nilsson
2000 Alley Cats Strike (TV) aka
Alley Cats - Die Bowling Gang (de)
Alex Thompson Rod Daniel VHS, ntsc. - good luck finding it. Write Disney and ask for a DVD release.
1996 Spill aka
Acid Death aka
Virus aka
Schleichende Seuche (de)
Sick Boy
his first coma role ;-)
Allan A. Goldstein DVD: R1, R2 (de).
Starring Brian Bosworth
1996 Awakening Boy Jess Stephenson DVD: NA
11 minutes long - An experimental narrative about a boy's awakening of reason.
Schmid TV - (back to the top)
Aired Series Title Title, Season x episode,
overall number
Character Writer, Director, Availability, Etc
2010 Fall Three Inches Pilot Brendan, aka Captain Normal W:
2011 Republic of Doyle More than one episode :-) ? Official Republic of Doyle website
No details yet, but Kyle should be in more than one episode
2008 Oct 30 Smallville 8x07, "Identity" Sebastian Kane W: Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer
D: Mairzee Almas
DVD: R1, R2
2007 Oct 15 CSI: Miami 6x04, "Bang, Bang, Your Debt" Andrew Hillman W: Brian Davidson & Barry O'Brien
D: Karen Gaviola
DVD: R1, R2
2007 Mar 11 - 2008 Jan 8 Blood Ties aka
Biss aufs Blut, DE
1x01, "Blood Price (1)"
1x02, "Blood Price (2)"
1x03, "Bad JuJu"
1x04, "Gifted"
1x05, "Deadly Departed"
1x06, "Love Hurts"
1x07, "Heart of Ice"
1x08, "Heart of Fire"
1x09, "Stone Cold"
1x10, "Necrodrome"
1x11, "Post Partum"
1x12, "Norman"
1x13, "D.O.A."
1x14, "Wild Blood"
1x15, "Five: fifty-five"
1x16, "Bugged"
1x17, "The Devil You Know"
1x18, "Drawn and Quartered"
1x19, "Wrapped"
1x20, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
1x21, "We'll Meet Again"
1x22, "Deep Dark"
Henry Fitzroy, graphic artist and vampire W: multiple
D: multiple
R1, R2 -
the UK release is a box set with 22 episodes, the US DVD is split in "Season One" and "Season Two" - the German release is also a two-parter.
2005 Aug 8 -
2005 Sep 26
Beautiful People 1x01, "Pilot"
1x02, "Point and Shoot"
1x03, "Reload"
1x04, "Over Exposure"
1x06, "F-Stop"
1x07, "Blow Up"
1x08, "Photo Finish"
Evan Frasier W: multiple
D: multiple
DVD: R1. Season One Box Set
2005 Aug 07 Missing 1-800 aka
Missing - Verzweifelt Gesucht, DE
3x07, #43, "Last Night" Xavier Redman W: Charles Holland
D: Holly Dale
Aaron Ashmore was also in the episode
2005 Mar 19 Strange Days at Blake Holsey High 3x12, #38, "Past" Blake Holsey W: Jeffrey Alan Schechter
D: Jeffrey Alan Schechter
2003 Jan 29 Odyssey 5 1x17, "Follow the Leader" Zack Ambrose, comatose W: Jonathan Glassner
D: George Mendeluk
DVD: R2 Season One Box Set.
2003 Jan 22 Odyssey 5 1x16, "Vanishing Point" Zack Ambrose, comatose W: Melinda M. Snodgrass
D: David Winkler
DVD: R2 Season One Box Set.
2001 Nov 18 Degrassi: The Next Generation 1x05, "Parent's Day" NAK reporter W: Aaron Martin
D: Eleanore Lindo
DVD: R1 Season One Box Set
2001 Mar 12 The Zack Files 1x23, "Gone" Jason W: James Nadler
D: Ross Clyde
DVD: R1 Season One Box Set
1999 I was a sixth Grade Alien 1x01, "They Call him Pleskit!"
1x02, "Aliens to Blow Up Earth!"
1x03, "Alien Dinner Massacre"
1x04, "They Saved Grandpa's Brain"
1x10, "Alien Time Warp Madness"
1x19, "The Return of Captain Driscoll"
2x16, "His Girlfriend is an Alien"
Jordan Lynch NA The IWaSGA episode guide at has Kyle Schmid listed as being in ALL 43 episodes. I'm working on verifying that. ...
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