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KyleSchmidCentral Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kyle Schmid's e-mail address?

Kyle does not have an e-mail address for fan mail.
Fan mail sent to the webmoster email address will NOT be forwarded to Kyle.

Fan letters for Kyle

If you want to send Kyle a fan letter, write a paper letter and send it to his manager. The information you need is listed on the Contact Page

How do I get Kyle's autograph or a signed photo?

Your safest bet would be to go to a convention where Kyle appears - please check the Convention Page for time and locations.

If that's not possible, you can try writing a nice letter to Kyle Schmid via his manager and ask for one. The information you need is listed on the Contact Page

Asking Kyle a Question

Kyle has kindly agreed to answer the occasional question when he has time (no questions about his personal life please), so it may take a very long time to get a response.
And there are already quite a few in the queue.

Short questions like: What's your favorite soccer team?

You need to post your question on the forum and that's where his responses will be posted, by me.
If you don't want to join the forum to post a question, you can send one to the webmoster address on the Contact Page and I'll post it on the forum for you.

Job offers for Kyle Schmid

If you have a job offer for Kyle, please contact his manager, listed on the contact page. This site is just a fan site and bona fide job offers should be submitted to his manager.

Is this Kyle's official site?

But on October 28, 2009, Kyle permitted me to call it The Official Fan Site.

Can I use the photos or content on your site or can I link to your photos directly?

Please DO NOT take photos or content from this site!
Kyle Schmid has sent some pictures for this site and they are copyright to him and may only be used HERE!

If you want to use some of the other photos for your own site, please ask for permission first as some of the photos have copyrights on them.

Also, you MAY NOT hotlink images in your LJ, message board posts or websites. This takes up bandwidth that I have to pay for. Feel free to post the URL for others to come visit the site. You may of course save the wallpapers and icons and avatars to your own computer and use them that way.

Who is the webmoster?

Okay, so nobody has really asked this frequently, but anyway ...
I'm female, 52 years old, living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was a fan of Tanya Huff's Blood Books since they were released and I am of course a fan of the TV series too. That's why I made a fan site about it, BloodTiesCentral.com. That lead to making a fan site about Kyle Schmid, and the site went online a few days before his birthday in 2007.
Yes, I've met Kyle - see the Set Visit Gallery - I'm the one in red.
Webmoster is not a spelling error - in Danish moster means "maternal aunt". I don't have a sister though - only a brother, but I don't think "Webfaster" has the same ring to it ;-)

How did you meet Kyle?

I've been a fan of Tanya Huff's Vicki Nelson novels since they were released and I've been checking her livejournal now and then. That's where I read that the novels were being turned into a TV series. Someone posted on Tanya's lj that she was going to make a fan site about the TV series, and I waited for her to make a site but never saw anything, so I decided to make one myself, BloodTiesCentral.com

By now I don't remember how I found out Insight Studios were involved (google probably), but I noodled around on their site and found a contact email and brazenly asked them for a few pictures. Their publicist was very helpful - and probably glad of the free promotion - so she sent me some pictures for my site. That's how I made a contact at Insight.

BloodTiesCentral went online 25 January 2007, and two weeks later, Bloodlines went online, so BTC was only first by a very small margin ;-)

March 2007 I was going to a Stargate convention in Vancouver - and since I knew Blood Ties were filming while I was there, I asked my contact if it might be possible for me to visit the set.
They didn't run an open set or do tours like Universal Studios, so I only got permission to come by because of my fan site.

That's where I met Kyle. And no, he didn't hand me his email at that point.

I found his email later on through my own detective skills and since he remembered me from the set visit - and I had somehow made a sensible impression - he decided to respond. That was in April 2007.

I made KyleSchmidCentral for his birthday in August 2007 - and the rest is history ;-)
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